Sustainable construction for companies

Companies that work in the building sector have many reasons for increasing their knowledge about sustainable construction. Sustainable construction has financial, ecological and physiological benefits. Increasing the level of knowledge within the company also increases its competitiveness.

Here are some or the benefits of courses in sustainable construction:

  • Operating and maintenance costs are reduced
  • Building in future risks can be avoided
  • Borrowing and insurance costs can be reduced
  • Added value for users increases building value
  • A holistic view that encompasses ecology, finance and healthy buildings
  • Makes it easier to demonstrate the environmental effects
  • Gain access to international methods and knowledge
  • Employ a unique model for managing sustainable projects

The courses have been developed by Urban Persson, who researched the management of sustainability in construction at Lund University, where he obtained a doctorate in the subject. He has been lecturing in universities and university colleges for 20 years and also has experience of practical construction.

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