Sustainable construction for private individuals

Sustainable Construction provides courses for those who are interested in building or renovating in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable manner for the long term.

These educationally-designed courses are internet-based and you can work through each section of the course at your own pace, in peace and quiet. You have access to each course, together with comprehensive course material, for six months. 

Learn how you can perform sustainable building and renovation with a holistic view that encompasses ecology, finance and healthy buildings. Find out how to combine sustainability and building regulations, as well as managing contact with the authorities. The courses do not require any particular prior knowledge.

The courses have been developed by Urban Persson, who researched the management of sustainability in construction at Lund University, where he obtained a doctorate in the subject. He has been lecturing in universities and university colleges for 20 years and also has experience of practical construction.

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