Who is Urban Persson?

For my doctorate in 2009, I presented the thesis "Management of sustainability in construction works", which is about how to define and manage the complex relationships involved in sustainable construction throughout the building process. I have worked on sustainability issues in the construction process since the early 90s, starting as a teacher, and was involved in formulating the degree programme in Ecotechnology and Sustainable Development at Mid Sweden University at Östersund. Since then I have lectured at Lund University's Department for Building and Environmental Technology. My career began as site manager in Åre for Skanska, after qualification as an engineer. In the 1980s, I moved south to Lund, where I qualified as master of engineering, then worked as a consultant in building and project management for residential and office projects in Malmö and as MD and co-owner of a small property company. In addition to developing online courses for Sustainable Construction, I work as a sustainable construction consultant. Link to "Management of sustainability in construction works": http://lup.lub.lu.se/luur/download?func=downloadFile&recordOId=1486689&fileOId=1486713